About us

The main philosophy at Blackfoot Pet Grooming is to provide the best possible care for your pet in a professional yet caring way. With a focus on small cats and dogs, we do all sizes of both breeds, except Great Danes. Our facilities are designed for a spacious and comfortable grooming environment. All our groomers have many years of experience with a focus on ensuring your pet is comfortable. Special care is taken to ensure your pet has comforts while being groomed.

Deanna Farns

With a true passion for animals, she has groomed for over 20 years. Casey enjoys her job, and considers it more of a hobby than a career! Friendly towards both the pets and owners, she will ensure your happy with your pet's grooming experience.

About our kennels

Located in Suite 39, 371 West Hwy, of Idaho, Blackfoot Pet Grooming is a full-service pet spa with a huge love for animals. Whether you need a full cut and style, or just a nail trim for your pet, we have got you covered.

A clean pet is not only a happy pet, but an important part of keeping him or her healthy. With a passion for animals, it shows in all our grooming services. When you take your pet to Blackfoot Pet Grooming, we ensure every cut is exactly how you want it. Want a certain style? We can do it! Need the nails trim? We can do that as well! Using the highest quality pet products, your pet will leave our facilty with a shine, glow and a wag of a tail.

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Why you should get your pet groomed.

Both cats and dogs need regular grooming, and animals with longer hair require frequent trips to a professional groomer. Fur that becomes matted can cause serious health issues for your pet. Dirt and oils can accumulate under mats and cause painful skin infections, and the mats themselves can be painful as they pull and stretch the skin underneath. Severe matting can even affect your pet’s ability to see, walk and eat normally.

All dogs also require regular bathing to keep their skin and hair coat clean and healthy. Each dog's lifestyle, breed nad coat type require different frequencies of bathing. If you are not sure, ask our staff. Always use a shampoo specifically formulated for dogs. Many human shampoos are too harsh for your dog’s skin. If your dog has itchy, dry, flacky, red or oily skin, you should cosider another brand of shampoo.

Blackfoot Pet Grooming is one you can trust.
We have a huge love for animals, which you can tell as soon as you walk in our facility. When you take your pet to Blackfoot, you know your little guy is in good hands.